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What is innovation and how do you become innovative?

Disruption happens fast. Your organisation can go from hero to zero in an amazingly short time if your competition finds a new market before you. If you are selling commodity services in a stagnant market, you might well be raking in large amounts of cash every month – but you are not growing. You are most likely in decline and the only thing to do is to invest in innovation. But think fast, else your competitors will do it before you!

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Future Supply Chain Trends Worth Keeping an Eye On

We at CoreMotif have put together a list of Future Supply Chain Trends we think companies should keep an eye on. The future of Supply Chain Management provides companies with the opportunity to transform their processes into a competitive advantage, on that note, the key thing today is innovation. If companies do not keep an eye out for the newest Supply Chain trends, such as, Real Time Data Visibility or Block Chains, they might find themselves disrupted out of the market, or even worse - out of business.

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