How we helped Borgun:

We helped Borgun map out their Payment Gateway, the technology, the domain and data flow. Now Borgun has a good overview of the Gateway and how to evolve it to fit future needs.

What does Borgun have to say about it:

Borgun has been a key player in the issuing and acquiring sector in Iceland since 1980.

Borgun is a member of Visa Europe and MasterCard International and has licenses for other card brands in the domestic market. Borgun is a licensed financial institution and is regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority in Iceland.

The project's objective was to create an improved architectural overview of Borgun‘s Payment Gateway.

It included reviewing existing documentation, communication with specialists and reviewing the code itself. Information was streamlined and delivered in a report.

Using the report Borgun has a better overview of the domain which will support development in the future.

Jón Egilsson, CIO