How we helped Aevi:

The goal was to redesign the software development process, giving managers a better controls, overview and understanding of the software development project.

What does Aevi have to say about it:

We contracted Jón Grétar at Coremotif to help us improve our overview of our development process. When we first came to Jón, we weren't sure how and if we could reach our targeted release date on our product within our budgetary constraints. The development process took too much time from the management team and therefore there was a lot of pressure on everything related to business development. Jón Grétar has an impressive background in product development methodologies, business processes, management and development, both theoretical and experience from applying that theory in real projects.

Together we analyzed where we were with our development efforts, what we wanted to achieve, and what we needed to do in order to reach our goals. We developed an implementation plan for a development process based on lean methodologies. The implementation was quick and painless, and in a week our development team had started working according to the new process. This improved our development efforts, and transformed them from a best-effort approach to a effective production process. This also worked wonders for the collaboration between our developers and the management team. 

Three weeks after implementation, we had made new plans for our development efforts and set ambitious goals without compromising the vision we have for our product. Now we have a clear strategy accompanied with the new goals, and we can change course with little effort should it be required. Jón Grétar has a very personal and conflict free interface, and was able to implement the new process in a manner that made everybody happy with the changes, so the collaboration also helped improve the office morale.

Stefanía Sigurðardóttir, COO

Jón Grétar Guðjónsson