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Organizational Capabilites

Organizational capabilities are the underpinning foundations of your business processes along with resources. Without the right capabilities, your processes and your baseline suffers. We can help you map your capabilities, such as software development, IT support, or business process capabilities, analyse the current state and help you figure out the required future state along with helping you plan how to bridge that gap.

Value Stream mapping

The flow of information and material within a business is often referred to as a value stream. A value stream consisting of a set of processes, transforms material to products and information to services. Value stream mapping is a lean-management method used to analyse the current state of a value stream and designing a desirable future state. By identifying bottle necks, non-value adding work, delays and queuing you might be able to transform your value stream from push to pull, eliminating unneeded inventories, lowering work in progress, reducing the need for stock and reducing the time your customers need to wait for service. Let’s talk!

Operations management analysis

Operations management involves responsibilities. One vital responsibility is to ensure the business operates efficiently by using the least amount of resources necessary and in meeting customers' requirements to the highest standard economically viable. People skills, creativity, rational analysis and technological knowledge are all very important for success in operations management.