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Value Stream mapping

The flow of information and material within a business is often referred to as a value stream. A value stream consisting of a set of processes, transforms material to products and information to services. Value stream mapping is a lean-management method used to analyse the current state of a value stream and designing a desirable future state. By identifying bottle necks, non-value adding work, delays and queuing you might be able to transform your value stream from push to pull, eliminating unneeded inventories, lowering work in progress, reducing the need for stock and reducing the time your customers need to wait for service. Let’s talk!

Business Innovation

Innovation projects are very valuable, but they also come with a bit of risk. We are experienced in designing and launching new ventures, familiar with concepts such as MVP’s, guerrilla testing and business cases. We can help you identify where to innovate, help you do it and measure the value you created. We can even help you launch your own digitalization initiative.

Strategic Management

Coremotif is a consultant company that specializes in management consulting. Too many executives focus on increasing business efficiency. Business efficiency is an essential part of management, but it does not replace strategy. By focusing only on business efficiency only but not strategy, managers have, in good faith, contributed to making the industry convergent competition-wise, instead of creating a competitive edge. This year we are introducing a workshop in strategic management, based on a recognized methodology, designed by Roger Martin at Harvard Business Review.


Operations management analysis

Operations management involves responsibilities. One vital responsibility is to ensure the business operates efficiently by using the least amount of resources necessary and in meeting customers' requirements to the highest standard economically viable. People skills, creativity, rational analysis and technological knowledge are all very important for success in operations management.


Business Process Management

Business process management (BPM) is a systematic approach to making an organization's workflow more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment. Everybody can do business process management, you don't need a heavy investment in automation tools, just start with us at the beginning and take it from there. Stepwise implementations result in lower automation costs and improved agility. Let's talk about how we can get you started.


Lean has taken the world by storm, and by good reason. A lean organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. The way the organization does this is by optimizing value streams across the organization eliminating un-neccesary work and waste, reducing cycle and response times while maximizing the value and quality of the service or product delivered.

Our approach to lean transformation helps you move your business from an old way of thinking to lean thinking. Our holistic approach involves working with people and culture, value streams and processes as well as technology, information and systems.

You don’t need to transform your entire business at once, we can help you implement lean in a step wise manner, where we celebrate the progress you have made and use that as a driving force for further improvements. Please contact us for more information, we are always looking for ambitions businesses to work with.

We’ve made an informational poster describing how we implement lean daily huddles, the meeting where the team shares progress, discusses what to do next and charts its improvement effort. You can download it below.