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Organizational Capabilites

Organizational capabilities are the underpinning foundations of your business processes along with resources. Without the right capabilities, your processes and your baseline suffers. We can help you map your capabilities, such as software development, IT support, or business process capabilities, analyse the current state and help you figure out the required future state along with helping you plan how to bridge that gap.


We partner with CIOs CTOs and other managers to support them through taxing projects, organization changes and the intense workload accompanying management positions. We can help offload, engage and provide a sounding board for people who want to do more better, and push their organizations farther than the competition. Access our vast experience and tools used to help ambitious businesses grow and prosper.

Business Innovation

Innovation projects are very valuable, but they also come with a bit of risk. We are experienced in designing and launching new ventures, familiar with concepts such as MVP’s, guerrilla testing and business cases. We can help you identify where to innovate, help you do it and measure the value you created. We can even help you launch your own digitalization initiative.


Go for Scrum and do it the Scrum way.

When Scrum is used the right way, Scrum will help you with getting a leaner approach to your product development and more transparency on how the work is conducted. By using Scrum, you will have a better overview on priorities and progress and you will also be able to adjust and react faster to new challenges in an ever changing and competitive market.


Successful Scrum needs Leap of faith

If you want to transform your product development and lift it to being top of the line, you will need to embrace learning and especially learning from mistakes and bugs. Build up your teams with clear democracy, tear down walls between people and disarm arrogance and senior/junior complexes by building up trust and respect between your people.

By doing this you are securing the foundation for Scrum and you will help create the inspired and creative work environment that every Product Owner and Developer dream of and that will result in good products and a happy workplace.

Are you using Scrum but you are still struggling?

CoreMotif knows Scrum in and out and we can help you to successfully adopt and adjust to Scrum. We also offer training for managers to understand the big picture around Scrum. We have many years of experience with Scrum and we will help you avoid common pitfalls and we will work with you through any challenges that could arise with your Scrum implementation in your company. We will help you identifying your pains with a ill working Scrum implementation and assist you to have a Scrum-Makeover.


Scrum Health Check

Do you want to know your Scrum Health status?
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Project Brainstorming Workshops

Developing a comprehensive list of strategic projects for your department to work on is something that can take a lot of time and effort. CoreMotif’s consultants can assist you identify those strategic and important projects while building support and ownership within your team. To do so, we facilitate workshops for our clients, based on methods pioneered by Pixar.

The challenge

When the strategic direction has been set for the entire company, departments need to decide their own contribution to the overall strategy. This means dissecting the top-level strategy to identify areas where the organization or department can contribute to the success of the business. By doing so, the organization bridges the gap from the current state to an idealistic future state. That bridge should be in the form of projects to move the organization closed to the future state, overcome challenges and strengthen advantages.

Why us?

CoreMotif’s consultants have extensive experience facilitating workshops and meetings. We are also seasoned management consultants that know coaching, IT, Sales and Marketing, Service Management and other important areas necessary to help a team overcome mental barriers, resolve conflicts and disputes and therefore facilitate an inspiring, productive workshop where everybody gets to have their say.

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