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Business Innovation

Innovation projects are very valuable, but they also come with a bit of risk. We are experienced in designing and launching new ventures, familiar with concepts such as MVP’s, guerrilla testing and business cases. We can help you identify where to innovate, help you do it and measure the value you created. We can even help you launch your own digitalization initiative.

Customer Journey Analysis

Customers are vital to any business. How well are you treating yours? By mapping the customer journey, we analyse how the customer’s perception of your services. Many organizations have a tight grip and good control of their internal processes, but outside your business the customer often goes unnoticed and not accounted for when you work on your improvement project. A customer journey map will help you identify touchpoints and even moments of truth that can make or break a business relationship. By identifying these points you can design, prioritize and implement measures to improve your customer experience, improving your business and moving the bottom line in the right direction.

IT Solution Architecture

Do you have your own IT systems that need some attention? We analyse, validate, design and help implement IT solutions ranging from workstations and domains to specialized data warehouses and even entire business domains. Examples of our services are validating that business requirements are implemented correctly, redesigning solutions to drive down costs, finding alternative ways to solve business problems and creating roadmaps for entire business domains.