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Digitalization presents big opportunities for businesses. It creates additional value for your customers and increases efficiency and effectiveness in the process. It is the fundamental disruptive force shaping the 4th industrial revolution. It is blurring the boundaries separating industry sectors, forcing companies to re-imagine industry models and take on new competitors.

There are three phases to digitalization

  1. Leverage the existing
  2. Run the business in dual mode
  3. Orchestrate the future

In order to be successful in Digitalization, you need to build strong execution capabilities as well as platforms to support your digitalization efforts. Let's talk about how Digitalization can improve your business today.


Lean has taken the world by storm, and by good reason. A lean organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. The way the organization does this is by optimizing value streams across the organization eliminating un-neccesary work and waste, reducing cycle and response times while maximizing the value and quality of the service or product delivered.

Our approach to lean transformation helps you move your business from an old way of thinking to lean thinking. Our holistic approach involves working with people and culture, value streams and processes as well as technology, information and systems.

You don’t need to transform your entire business at once, we can help you implement lean in a step wise manner, where we celebrate the progress you have made and use that as a driving force for further improvements. Please contact us for more information, we are always looking for ambitions businesses to work with.

We’ve made an informational poster describing how we implement lean daily huddles, the meeting where the team shares progress, discusses what to do next and charts its improvement effort. You can download it below.