FrAgile - Handle with care

You work at a company that has been using Agile for a while now. You like the idea of working and being Agile and you feel automatically less interested if projects and tasks involve old fashioned Project Management methods that you consider not very Agile.

The meetings at your company are informal and the people on the meetings seldom take notes and the meeting agenda is fuzzy if existing. Some might be late to a meeting or need to rush to another meeting and even respond to chats or emails during a meeting.

The above example is exaggerated, but many people can relate to parts of it. If you do not have a vision, strategy and the right mindset in your work, then you can be going very fast into the wrong direction and it will be costlier the further you go.

The core idea behind Agile is to respond in a timely manner to changes and adopt your plans quickly while having minimal impact to the business. You deal with these changes by cooperating and communicating with your colleagues and stakeholders while inspecting your progress as you go, making the necessary adjustments needed to reach your goal.

To be able to succeed with Agile, you must also have a clear vision and understanding of what business requirements are to be met and you will need to be able to measure if you are on the right track towards the business goals you are striving for. Don‘t forget that you must be able to demonstrate what you are achieving with data, not gut feeling.

Many people try to use Agile as a way to cut down overhead and reduce documentation and other time-consuming tasks to try to increase speed in their work and get more done, but often you hear the same people comment about not having enough time, too much stress and too long days

You can easily be Agile and at the same time following a business strategy, project plan and architecture principles. Nobody wants to perform unnecessary work with updating endless templates or defining a detailed project scope that is planned to be executed for the next years to come with firm milestones and deadlines. This can only lead to unhappy stakeholders and frustration for the people involved in the work, let alone the budget implication impact that can be damaging to the project itself and cause a lot of problems and drastic measures.

Things change and there are always uncertainties and there will be unexpected obstacles. When you are in that situation where you are realising something that you did not expect or something important that has fundamentally changed, then you can show how Agile you really are with keeping your focus on what matters most for the Business, because after all it is the customer who defines the value. When you are forced to make changes on your projects, you must keep the communication with your stakeholders going so that they can be aware of the changes and thereby giving them the chance to understand and continue their support.

Pro-tips for Agile:

  • To succeed with Agile, you need a strategy which you can measure

  • Align your projects with your strategy and make sure you have your eyes on the road ahead.

  • You need to engage your people with results from your identified KPI‘s

  • Make sure people have the right amount of discipline and time management when it comes to meetings and discussions.

  • Stay focused on creating quality instead of quantity.

  • Keep your stakeholders close, because that will pay off when you hit something unexpected, because surely you will.

Mastering Agile will enable you to react faster to changes, create and maintain quality products and services, keeping the communication open with your stakeholders that will then help you to make your product or services bring more value your customers.


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