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FrAgile - Handle with care

You can easily be Agile and at the same time following a business strategy, project plan and architecture principles.
Don’t cut corners without realising the true effect on your work. If you follow your vision and strategy, you will be able to use Agile and be one step ahead.

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Let your teams thrive: How to be a team gardener

Teamwork is the prevalent mode of working in today’s world, there’s hardly any organization that doesn’t have teams doing important work. Teams need a healthy environment in which to work and grow – much like plants in a garden. Here at CoreMotif we do a lot of good work with our clients’ teams. We have found that teams cannot function without certain foundations in place in the organization.

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From Zero to Agile hero - 5 tips to succeed

If you want to succeed with Agile, you want to follow these 5 key points below. It does not matter if you are starting to work with Agile or have already started working with Agile, these points will help you with your Agile work.

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