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FrAgile - Handle with care

You can easily be Agile and at the same time following a business strategy, project plan and architecture principles.
Don’t cut corners without realising the true effect on your work. If you follow your vision and strategy, you will be able to use Agile and be one step ahead.

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The biggest problem with your architecture is that you have an architect

I’m often stunned when I engage in dialogue with people that work in organizations that have a job title with the word architect in it. The conversation usually goes:

“So tell me about your <subject area> architecture”

The reply I tend to get is something along the lines of:

“Well, you’d have to talk to the <subject area> architect to find that out, I don’t know.”

I immediately picture a tall Ivory tower, a mad-man designing unrealistic blueprints, drinking coffee with top-level management making crazy decisions that are impossible to implement. Inevitably, people end up disappointed, feeling they aren’t getting anywhere and can’t figure out for the life of them why everything is in such chaos. Buildings catch fire, people run around screaming and airplanes fall out of the sky!

Well … All jokes and dramatization aside, I can’t for the life of me fathom the idea that the way an entire organization is organizing the way they work can be the sole responsibility of a single, or a small team, of people. If LEAN has tough us anything, it’s that business is everybody’s responsibility. And what can be more business than the way we do business? The fact is that architecture is a big part of every business. Let me make my case.

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